Wixoss Spread Diva - Booster Case

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-Product information!

-Original Anime Series selector spread WIXOSS LRIGs “Ann” “Iona” and “Eldora”debut!

-”Yukayuka" from team "Kyurukyurun" also appears as NEW Center LRIG and 3 Assists are included!  


-promotional Items!


-WIXOSS Multiverse Special Collaboration Promo is included!

    *This is an original project and specification for the English version!

    *Only available for 1st printing.


-Store Support!

 -Distribution promo changes every month!

PLEASE NOTE: Expansion packs alone do not give you enough cards to play the game. You will need at least one constructed deck to start the game.


1 pack contains 8 cards

1 box contains 20 packs

-It is different from the Japanese version


1 carton contains 12 boxes


Booster Pack Break Down


-86 Cards ?PI,SR are foil cards.


PI(Piece Rare)            6 types

SR(Super Rare)        12 types

LC(LRIG Common)   30 types

R(Rare)                     13 types

C(Common)              21 types

Re                               4 types*


-94 Parallel Cards  ?All foil cards


1st Anniversary Serial Rare   4 types

UR(Ultra Rare)                      4 types

SRP(Super Rare Parallel)   12 types

LRP(LRIG Rare Parallel)     10 types

LR(LRIG Rare)                    12 types

LC(LRIG Common)              18 types

R(Rare)                                13 types

C(Common)                         21 types