About Us

The Owner - Iuri Alves

Since I was a kid I have played and loved all kinds of card games.

Starting with the well known yu-gi-oh, summoning dark magicians and blue eyes white dragons without tributes, to being introduced to magic the gathering by my cousin and falling in love with the game. Then finding out about all manner of other tcg's like pokémon, chaotic, duel masters, vanguard, digimon, etc. The most recent one being wixoss.

I have been, and still am, working in retail for the past few years, but my love for card games, the tournaments and the communities still gets bigger every time. And that's where the store comes in!

I decided to try and start my own store (just online for now), build a community, run tournaments and give a bit back to everyone I have been meeting throughout the years through these awesome games! I hope everything goes well, that we are able to expand to other games as well and that one day we are able to open on a physical location, but until then, thank you to everyone that decides to use our store to buy our products!

Our store is based in Europe, more specifically in Portugal.