Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Fusion World - Starter Deck - FS06


Pre-Orders to be fulfilled by 15/11/2024.

Release date (non-contractual and subject to change). While stock lasts from our supplier.

One starter deck is all you need to start the game! One booster pack FB04 is also included

A complete set that includes all the pre-constructed deck play sheet, rules manual, and energy markers!
Even if you have never played the game before, you can start playing right away by purchasing one of the starter decks! In addition, one booster pack 04 (FB04) is included to take the first step in customizing your deck!

Various characters make their first appearance in Fusion World!

Numerous new characters previously not included in the series have joined the game!

One bonus pack per set!

Some of the included cards have been upgraded to holo alt-art cards! A total of six cards are available and you are guaranteed to get one of them!

Promotion code for the digital version

A promotion code for the digital version of the product is also included in the package! The 51 cards of the decl in the physical version you purchased are also available for free in the digital version.


Leader x1
Common x13
Super Rare x2
*16 types total
*4 of the 16 types are reprinted.


Ready-to-Play 51-card deck x1
Energy Marker x1
Playsheet / Rule Manual x1
Bonus Pack x1
Booster Pack 04 [FB04] x1
Promotion Code for Digital Version x1