[ENG] Weiss Schwarz - RWBY - Premium Booster Display (6 Packs)

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RWBY returns to Weiß Schwarz! 
This Premium Booster features the characters and events of Volume 4! 
Change up your existing RWBY decks with this set and hunt down your favourite cards!

Each pack guarantees 1 shiny hot stamped card!

55 types (Normal) + 62 types (Parallel)!! 
N (Normal): 55 types 
OFR (Over Frame Rare): 55 types (Hot stamped) 
SP (Special): 7 types (Hot stamped sign)

Sign Cards
Every pack you purchase has a chance to contain a sign card!

Lindsay Jones as Ruby Rose 
Kara Eberle as Weiss Schnee 
Arryn Zech as Blake Belladonna 
Barbara Dunkelman as Yang Xiao Long 
Miles Luna as Jaune Arc 
Samantha Ireland as Nora Valkyrie

The cards in this Premium Booster may be used together with cards with card numbers beginning with「RWBY/」!

Product Specifications
Total 117 types: 55 types of cards (Normal) + 62 parallels
3 cards per pack
6 decks per display
30 displays per carton