Diva Debut Deck Super Diva Deck Double Heroines -Piruluk & Hirana- [WXDi-D09]

  • Reprinted-only SUPER powerful deck to join the competitive sscene for new users.
  • Double Deck, a set of two LRIG...Piruluk and Hirana
  • Lv.3 Piruluk and Hirana are alt art EDITION!
  • Super Deluxe SR re-printed! Exia and Diabride..and many other SR SIGNI included!
  • Lv.3 Center LRIG, PIECE and SR SIGNI are all Foiled!

Promotional Item

  • Purchase Campaign, LRIG COMES TO YOU! Campaign -WINTER-! included for each!


  • 2 Constructed Deck Included