October 28th (Friday) Wixoss Party Tournament Ticket


Use the code "TAG" on checkout if you want us to send your prizes together with your next order!

Entry Ticket:
10€ - Gives you entry to the tournament and a participation booster of Curiosity Diva

When you buy the tickets please leave your discord handle on the orders Remarks so we can link your Name and Discord

Rounds will be calculated depending on the number of players:

2 Players = 1 Round
4 Players= 2 Rounds
8 Players = 3 Rounds
16 Players = 4 Rounds
32 Players = 5 Rounds

Each round will be 30 min with 5 min of extra time
All matches will be Best of 1
There will be a Top Cut for Top 4


- Monthly Promos for Top 3 (Pack of 4 for each person on top 3)
- 1 Foil Lucky Yuki Promo for Top 3 (chosen in order from 1st to 3rd Place)
- 1 non-Foil Lucky Yuki Promo for 4th Place
- 1 Booster of Curiosity Diva per registered player to be distributed between Top 4

We will be doing a raffle with a "Congratulations" Promo Pack, everyone playing will have a chance to win!